Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 3/Day 16 ~ 21 days to a Positive Attitude (Monday March 17)

Day 16 - Monday

1) Every day write down 3 good things that happened that day for which you are grateful.

A. Gifts from students - warms your heart and reminds you of the Love that is supposed to reside in our hearts always.

B. Daughter's Kitties love to play - watch the video, using the laser pointer pictured above.  The red Mouse hunt!

C. Discharged from Visiting Nurse care - getting better and better.

2) Journal about one positive blessing. One of the three, and explain why that good thing is better than the bad things that happened.

Front of Get Well Card from the Morway Family - Kitty
Today both blessing 1 and 2 are tied together, proving to me that Grace, from the Lord or his people, all works together, when were respond to his call to love one another.  

Inside of Get Well Card from Morway Family
Today just happened to be the day that the deepest depression due to TBI, pain pills and a particularly difficult PT day and an attempt to lower the amount of pain medication all overwhelmed me at the same moment.  That is also the moment that the above card showed up. Imagine that.  This family, tightly in touch with the Lord, picked today to do something they did not have to do.  The card was awesome, though it played into my depression, because this was a random act of kindness directed at me, and it is my place to do this for others.  But they solved that problem too. A gift came with the card. The laser pointer pictured above.  I was in too much pain to put the batteries in, so my wife did it for me, and I immediately started playing chase the red mouse with my daughter's cats.  Watch the video above ... Cats loved it.  I loved it.  Laughter solves a lot of issues.  Thank you Morways for being you.  Thank you God for allowing such people into my life, right when I need them.  All Glory to the Creator God, the God of Life and my Lord, Jesus the light of the World.

3) Meditate and detach from multi-tasking, by focusing on scripture~ read it, research it, think about how it might impact your life.

John 6:28 “What exactly does God want us to do?” the people asked.

Imagine for a moment what the answer to this question is. Most of us have been taught, over and over again, that Grace is the Gift of God.  We know it to be true. We know that it is a free gift, and not of works.  Yet, not only do this people ask what work, what they should do for God, but Jesus answers them.

Keep in mind, the context of this verse has already made it clear that if the Spirit of God has not already caused you to pursue Jesus, then you will never get to this point.  So assume you have not yet accepted Jesus as Lord, and God has started you down the path.

What's the answer to this question.  What work must you do to make God happy?

Jesus said, the work you must do is believe in him.

4) One random act of kindness a week. You can do more. (Try one a day)

none today

5) Pray. Lay down the hurtful things and gather strength. 



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