Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 2/Day 8~ 21 days to a Positive Attitude (Sunday March 9)

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Day 8 - Sunday

1) Every day write down 3 good things that happened that day for which you are grateful.
A.  I went to Church at 9:00am, sat with my wife when she finished service, participated in the Lord's
Table and more.

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B. I did some traveling with my wife, adding up to some 3000 feet or more of walking, including: Movies (we watched Sherman & Mr. Peabody), Starbucks (Trinta Passion Fruit Tea), B.J.'s Wholesale Club (I did walking, Anne did the shopping.) Was Awesome on the exercise side though on the pain side it was also Awesome, combining into way more than I had a right to expect.

C. Did Tai Chi Quan 24 2 times without any physical support, like crutches, canes and cranes.

2) Journal about one positive blessing. One of the three, and explain why that good thing is better than the bad things that happened.

Today I have selected number A, as my Kenpo instructor says, to expound upon the power of the blessing, and NO I did not pick A because it has to do with Church, and therefore a more "suitable" blessing.  If you know me at all, you would know that it is surprising that I picked to talk about church. Anyway, it bible is pretty clear that you are not support to share in the Lord's Table if you have unresolved sin between you and another brother or sister.  I might.  The director of Church School, the Jr. Pastor who has left my request to be of any service at all the the church and the person who complained were all sitting right in that room. However, from my perspective, there was no sin or anger between us any longer.  I understand where the director believes she is protecting children and is not yet capable of doubting her interpretation of scripture.  It says what it says, and it means what it means, and that's it.  There is not room for translation issues or historical context, cultural context or downright bigotry.  If there was an error, it was in me, so she did her job correctly, as far as she is capable today.  That is, actually, a blessing. The Pastor doesn't understand TBI and it's not his job to, so he is just doing is job, waiting for the right moment and right service to arrive.  Finally, the person who turned me in for being a biblical friend to Gays really is a bigot, though like the director of Sunday School, is unaware of it.  Can't really blame her either. So I have fear that I might have to talk to them, and that would require me to Lie about what I believe, to prevent strife coming into the community, or explaining where I am actually coming from.  In one case, that would take years; in the other two I lack sufficient education and skill to teach them and they lack sufficient theology to even begin the conversation.  All I would do is Lie or Anger, and neither seems right.

So, I just went, hoping, praying, that God would show up and do his thing, if I just did mine.  Mine is to worship, study, obey and spread the word.  So I came, and only good came from it!!

3) Meditate and detach from multi-tasking, by focusing on scripture~ read it, research it, think about how it might impact your life.

 Ecclesiastes 2:24 - The best thing we can do is to enjoy eating, drinking, and working. I believe these are God's gifts to us.

4) One random act of kindness a week. You can do more. (Try one a day)

Today I hung out in the "Oasis Room," my churches room for old people like me to hang out in.  Never been there before, but I wanted a place to hang out while my wife finished her Church School service.  So, with my giant knee hanging out and pain at level 0 on a 1 to 10 scale, I assumed that my awesomeness would be shared or ignored.

Boy was my humility in need of being checked at the door. First off, they all knew my name and they knew me. Second, they came, greeted, small talked, even prayed over me. Today, God decided to send me some random acts of kindness in my continuation of learning how to accept help from other.s

5) Pray. Lay down the hurtful things and gather strength. 


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