Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 2/Day 12~ 21 days to a Positive Attitude (Thursday March 13)

Day 12 - Thursday
Barbi's Kitty Audrey Pawing my Knee

1) Every day write down 3 good things that happened that day for which you are grateful.
A. It dawned on me today that I have a friend who is a blessing to me.  She has been fighting cancer for off and on for the last few years, and pretty much non-stop for the last year.  It was trying to kill her, and she recently won. Why is this a blessing?  Because maybe once or twice in the last 12 months did your strength or her attitude bend.  The rest of the time, she has been 100% postitive.  I have noticed that she is my role model in my recovery.  If her attitude can stay strong when her life if being threatened, what excuse do I have for not giving it my all?

B. I am blessed that my wife and daughter have a karate school, and that I get to teach at it.  With all that has gone against me, the Lord has seen fit to provide a place where I get to help others improve their lives.  Today I got to teach there, but only for 1 hour.  It was Awesome!

C. My daughter has cats.  Some people hate cats and some people love cats.  What matters to me is that my daughter's cars love me.  They play around my feet.  The mew at my knees and they greet the visiting medical people who come to take care of me. 

2) Journal about one positive blessing. One of the three, and explain why that good thing is better than the bad things that happened.

The power of helping other people is astounding.  I got to teach for 60 minutes today, and even though it hurt badly enough to make me sweat, I was pretty much unaware of the pain until after I finished teaching.  Granted, it took 3 hours to recover from that 1 hour, but the blessing of helping others has never been more obvious to me.  It made pain and sorrow go away while I was doing it. Be a blessing, get a blessing.  Cool how that works out.

3) Meditate and detach from multi-tasking, by focusing on scripture~ read it, research it, think about how it might impact your life.

Today I finished the book Forgotten God - Reversing our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit and it so impacted how I look at the holy spirit, that I wrote a review of the book, which you can read by clicking here.

 If you would like to order the book, this is a collection of 4 books from the same author for the price of just 1 book ... good deal.  click the picture of the book,

4) One random act of kindness a week. You can do more. (Try one a day)

not today

5) Pray. Lay down the hurtful things and gather strength. 



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