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Week 2/Day 10~ 21 days to a Positive Attitude (Tuesday March 11)

Day 10 - Tuesday

1) Every day write down 3 good things that happened that day for which you are grateful.
A.  After the huge amount of pain, due to the vanishing pain pill debacle, I still managed to get sleep, due to the fast thinking of my Wife.  Though, at the time, all I did was yell and scream in pain, I eventually did what she was suggesting, patiently and sometime not so patiently, but kept going. Finally I accepted her advice, took the drugs, changed my position, new ice, higher knee. ...  Sleep.  So you would think the blessing was sleep, but today's #1 blessing was my wife. 

B. Knee scar keeps getting rave reviews from the medical people.  It looks scary to me, but that's just me.

C. The Karate school continues to grow, due in large part to my daughter stepping into her gift of teaching.  An an example to the rest of us.  She uses her gift, with scary humility, approaching ignorance of the gift, to bring the love of the Lord into other peoples lives.  Many of them do not worship the Lord, but Barbi is all about Love your neighbor.  

2) Journal about one positive blessing. One of the three, and explain why that good thing is better than the bad things that happened.

I have been married since December 21, 1979.  When I got married, I had a very high IQ and a job in physics.  I had an awsome potential for a top .05% intellect in the United States who had college degrees, Eagle Scout and documented business and non-business leadership ability.  I had the cards and the gut to make it happen.  That's what my wife married.

The the accident took it all away.  According to my doctor, I should have been dead, divorced or in jail within a year of my brain injury.  He forgot to factor in my wife.  This is a women who has "Words" from God and vision too, but does not spread it around.  Why, because the bible says they are for the benefit of the Church, and so she uses them that way. No fanfare.  This is a women who could have walked away when I was hurt, and no one would have questioned it.  Yet, she stayed.  And last night she put up with constant neverending verbal abuse due to some outstanding pain, and got the job done.  Then she went to bed.  That, people, is called a blessing, and in this case, it actually and emotionaly made a bad thing go away.  Thank you Anne.
 Click this Icon for the Story of God and my Injury and how Anne and I Stood in the Storm

3) Meditate and detach from multi-tasking, by focusing on scripture~ read it, research it, think about how it might impact your life.

Luke 7:9 (ESV) - When Jesus heard these things, he marveled at him, and turning to the crowd that followed him, said, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.”

Luke 7:9 can also be found in Matthew 8:10, and still uses the same word, "marveled."  

A similar story, about the sick women touching his clothing, and drawing power from him, surprising him, is another example of Jesus be surprised. Matthew 15:28.

The word for marveled from a greek lexicon is G2296 and translates marvel, wonder, have in admiration, admire, marvelled.  The primary use for the word is Wonder or to Marvel and the second use for the word is admire or admiration.  It is translated in all versions I have access to as surprised or marveled, no where admire.  So it appears that Jesus was surprised.  That would mean that when he was incarnet, a human, he did not have the knowledge of all things unless it was granted to him, by the Father, through the Holy Spirit.  In other words, he was human.  Fully human.  This question is most often asked about Mark 13:32 and most often answered the same way.
4) One random act of kindness a week. You can do more. (Try one a day)

not today

5) Pray. Lay down the hurtful things and gather strength. 


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