Monday, January 7, 2013

Like if you think Jesus reads Facebook

Today I saw my last acceptable Picture of Jesus, with the words, "Like if you think Jesus ______, Share if you ________ Jesus.

Give me a break. Back in the 1500's a monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 points where he felt the church had missed the boat, and slipped back into Pharisitical behavior. (He did not know at the time that the world would come unglued when he did it.  When they put him on trial for his life, he refused to back down.) You know, the pharisees; the guys that made rules up so you could follow the rules, instead of the word of God. You know, the people who caused Jesus to say "You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?" Matthew 3:7b NIV. Luther's main point was people were being sold indulgences, a piece of paper to get them into heaven. They actually stopped going to church, because they would bring him the paper, and it "proved" they were getting into heaven without accepting Jesus as their savior.  They just bought it. Just like God read mail. Just like it really mattered. Just like the rules of man bound God. Just like Facebook making you feel compelled to ______ Jesus, or suffer the wrath of God. Again, I say Give Me A Break.

Many people complain that there is too much God on facebook. That is not what I am writing about. Seriously, if you don't want God to show up on your News Feed page, just tell facebook not to post to your news feed from people who are talking about God. If you want to be extreme, de-friend them. It's not like facebook requires you to read posts. I have either un-liked every page that has sent me one of these guilt trip post more than three times; or if it came from a friend more than 3 times, I went to their page, pushed the friend button, and unchecked the "News Feed" button. That way I am still their friend on FB, but don't have to read this stuff.

Am I saying you should NOT post about Jesus. NO. Post away. I love the Lord and I am a Jesus freak extreme, and if you are a friend of my page, or our Christian Page, Does God Serve You, you will see that I use facebook to spread the word. It is at least as good as standing on a box in a mall, and this way the people who want to know, can hear, and those who do not want to know, do not hear. This is America after all, and we are founded on the principle of individual freedom and religious freedom. That includes, by the way, the freedom not to be bothered, pestered, damned by man or forced to hear the word of God. 

Someone else allows you to pick your faith too. His name is Jesus. He died so you could be forgiven you sins, if you chose to be. He allows you to pick too. If he did not, we would all be dead. Viva la Choice.

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