Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 28 - Head Butt the Difficult People - Daily Inspirational Verses from Real Life

John 13:34 ~ (MSG): “Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.”

Can you remember a group, team or activity, perhaps even at your church, that you were part of and it disintegrated into name calling and back biting?  Most of us can easily bring such a group to mind; perhaps a few of them.

From ROTC training courtesy of my High School, Culver Academies and the US Army; from Boy Scouts leadership from patrol leader through senior patrol leader and eagle scout; from fraternity president at Denison University; from many business experiences in science, sales and karate, I have learned that the best way to over come this feeling of being caught in quick sand of emotions is to ignore it, because it always goes away.  

Actually, the second way of dealing with it I learned at Krav Maga certification was to attack it head on, and since that agreed with what I learned in football an wrestling in high school and college, and since attacking fits with my own self image so well, I have more than often used that approach.  Courage and confrontation.  Be strong.  Overcome. Attack.

They all worked, and the issues have always gone away.  Recently however, I have discovered that my life had become buried in broken friendships, false accusations, thefts and pain.  To be sure, I was on the receiving end of them, and mostly not the cause, but it is hard for me to reflect on my life as a Christian, and see that type of pain in my wake, even if it is my pain or my families more than other people's pain.

This verse gives the solution.  I had been working in Man's wisdom, rather than Gods.  Pretty simple really.  Love one another AS JESUS loves us.  The example is clear.  There is NO ambiguity.  The results are LOVE.  What are you waiting for.  Make a change.  Right Now.  Love on another starting now, and make decisions based on that, rather than on duty, justice, law or fairness.  Love is enough.  Use it.

The only problem is, what you have experienced in your life, Loving the ones that attack you is impossible. You can say with your lips, "I forgive you," but as I am sure you have discovered, it is hard to say it with your heart.

Mission impossible for man.  But again, the solution is in this verse.  Love is a verb.  Do the things that love would have you do, even when your heart does not want to, and the world will change around you. The Spirit of God is with you, and can give you the power to act love out.  The Spirit of God will change everything after that.  Do it.

Mission Accomplished. with God.


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