Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 11 - Who Would Die For You?- Daily Inspirational Verses from Real Life

John 15:13 - (NIV): "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."

Who would you lay your life down for. Seriously.

In my case, I would hope that I would without thought, lay my life down to protect my wife
 and my daughter.  I have put myself in harms way many times for each, but thankfully, I have never been called to lay my life down.  

There have been times where I put myself in danger to keep someone else or someone else's child safe as well, but again, it never rose to the level of losing or risking my life, that I was aware of.

Who are you absolutely sure you would lose your life for?

Most of us never face that choice.  Military people, fireman, policemen do many times in their careers, but even they do not lay their life down, nor are the expected to, every day.

You can probably count on your fingers they number of people you know personally that have been asked to do that type of thing.  That sacrifice is huge, and against our nature as people.

Yet, that is what Jesus did your you.  More than that.  The day he was killed, they mocked him.  Not really a big deal, but in the roman world, soldiers mocking you nearly always ended it death.  In Jesus' case, they did more than mock him, since he was going to die anyway.  They ripped his close of his back, then whipped him so badly that the bones in his back were visible.  Then they stood him up, and put a wool cape on him.  He is bleeding badly, and the fabric would have been sucked right into the wounds all over his body.  When they were done dressing him up like a king, the ripped the fabric out of his back.  Full Body Bandage.  

He knew they were going to do that.  He let them do that.  He let them do that for YOU!

They they made him carry the instrument of his death up a long hill, and then they nailed him to it.

Then he died.

Jesus did more than lay his life down for you.  That is how much you are loved.  For a moment, get past the salvation and eternal life and the redemption of sin that he bought for you with his life, and focus on the nature of his death.  

He did THAT for you.  He was not a victim.  He knew it was coming and told us it was coming.  He walked right into it anyway.  That is how much Jesus loves you.

Remember that the next time you are standing in a storm.  You are loved.

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