Monday, September 10, 2012

What to do if People are Crushing You

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There are mornings when I wake up, and the weight of my life is crushing me.  I am not sure if the definitions I have of myself are valid, my own, or within the will of God.  I fear that the troubles that I have are a direct result of my sinful actions, which I repent and work mightily at correcting, but find myself time and time again in debt to the same feelings.

For example, I am petty.  There are several people who attack the very core of what we do in our mission field, which is teach people to improve their lives via the conduit of Martial Arts.  When I hear of the attack, which is almost always through a third party, it is viscous and petty.  My first response is almost always, "To Heck with them."  Some time later, sometimes seconds sometimes days later, I find myself asking God's forgiveness, and ask that he heal and protect them.  But my first response is to respond with anger, and hate, and fix it with my own power.  Later I realize that I am but a creature, and one in rebellion at that, when I act out my own salvation.  

Today is one of those days.  Fear grips my heart.  I am sure that the circumstances of my life are beyond my ability to cope with.  There is no solution.  Then something happens to open my eyes to the marvelous creation that God has made us part of.  This morning we are listening to a sports talk show in the car, hoping to hear some good news about the Red Sox, which just is not going to happen this year, and are frustrated with hearing only Patriots news.  The won.  When don't they win, except for when playing the Giants that is.  Then an interview happens with a former NFL quarterback who is a Jets fan now.  He thinks that Tim Tebow, the 2nd or 3rd string quarter back for the New York Jets, needs to be fired.  Why?  Because he thinks he is not a good NFL quarterback.  That is, however, not what Tim Tebow is known for.  He is known for his Love of Christ Jesus, and that is just where this interview went.  The local radio host asked this former quarterback, who is not an announcer, if he had interviewed Tim since he said Tim should be fired.  This announcer stopped dead in his speech, and then said, "I will say this about Tim, he is genuine," meaning he actually believes in Jesus, and lives his life accordingly.  He went on to say, without being asked, the Tim had asked for God's Blessing on that same announcer for each every time he had said something bad about him.  Not curse, not anger, just asking God to bless him.

Wow.  I needed to hear that this morning. A real life leader to show me the way. Thank You God.  You are awesome indeed.

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