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Jr Seau, TBI and God

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Today, Jr. Seau died.  I know his name, because it is all over sport radio in Boston .. he was one of the best for the NE Patriots it would seem.  I really don't follow football.  I really don't follow much in professional sports, except for MLB, and even that only since 2003.  I played sports my whole life.  Watching them never really was enough.  Plus, I broke my back playing football in High School, so it does not recommend itself to me very well.

All that aside, his death nearly took me with him.  From the moment I heard of it, until I started helping people on the karate floor, all I could think of was:

1) He found a way out,
2) NO ONE understands TBI
3) Even people of Faith are clueless

Let me explain.  I have TBI, and I am still married.  That in itself is odd, as I was told that I most likely would not be after the first year.  Everyone I know tells me I will not be in the next year.  Yet I am.  That is God and my wife working on the same team.  I found out that his family were all sad.  That he had just told them that he loved them.  That they will miss him.  I heard this on the radio.  Errr..   If that were the case, why were you no longer married?  I know, he was messed up.  All people with brain injuries are messed up.  Yet, God and Love over come.  I know the hell I put my wife through.  So does she.  Yet we are married.  All glory to the God of creation. He gives my wife strength!

Then, the announcers on the radio were in shock. Why?  People with TBI think about the hopelessness of the situation all the time.  If it were not for God in my life, explaining to me the requirements of action that Love entail, I too would have taken this door to peace long ago. I have tried.  I almost did again when I heard this story. It is way past hard.

All the things you used to do, you can not even remember. Everyone else does.  But You don't.  Since you constantly doubt yourself, you constantly help others overcome that very thing.  That is what TBI people do.  Help others.  If they don't, the strike out at the world, and end up in jail.  Look at all the past professional sports players who have brain injury.  The path is littered with failure after sport.  TBI destroys lives.  God restores them.

Then there was as famous player who called the station.  His idea was that all the brain injury data in the last 10 years was the result of bad nutrition.  How else, he asked, can you explain the increase.  He discounted the commonly held idea that we know what TBI is, and 10 years ago we did not.

What?  He was a main of faith, and instead of bringing the only hope a brain injured person can have, and I mean ONLY hope, God, he brought up some nut case idea.  My dad had TBI from WWII.  They called it shell shock, and told him to get over it.  He never did.  Sound familiar?  It has always been there. It will always be there.

So, I was once again reminded of the absolute ignorance of what a brain injury does to a person; how it wrecks lives and saps the future, and destroys the families. The people out there are clueless.  They just see a rich sports guy whose life went bad. They may or may not be sad. depending on the persons performance in the sport and perhaps his behavior afterwards.  Yet, he is still dead, or in jail. I see a tortured man who did not have support from his family or God, and took the ONLY other way out.  It made me cry.  It made we wonder if he was right to take that way out, and if I should too.  It made me wonder if I could reach out to others before it was too late, and bring them the coolest hope there is.  It made me remember how much my wife and daughter mean to me.  It reminded me of how much of a failure I am in every way I used to measure.  It made me cry.

Jr.  I don't know who you are, and I don't even like football, but you have given me tears, fear, and hope.  May God's kingdom grow because of your pain, and may you find peace with your maker.

John 3:16 (ESV) - “For God so loved the world,[a] that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

If you would like to know more about the Peace of God, the Gift of Eternal Life and the only way out of the pain in TBI, leave a message, and I will get back to you.

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