Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review: Who Is this Allah? by G.J.O. Moshay

Right up front, if you want the truth to set you free, then read this book; but it might scare the poop out of you to know the truth.  

Ignorance in this case is a far nicer state of being.

I am going to answer the title's question, so when you read the book, you can focus on the proof, and the truth.  No, Allah is not the God of Jesus or Moses.

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When we were in China, we visited many Buddhist temples, and were as open minded to the history of each place as we could be.  

A few striking emotions however, we wish to share you with you, because they are similar to the how I felt reading this book.  First, until I had entered one of the temples, I assumed it was just a building with ancient architecture that would be educational.  When we got there, the HUGE "gods" that were everywhere, reminded me of pictures of demons.  One in particular scared me to my core. A Large blue man, wearing a variety of non-related clothing, standing on the neck of a human, baring his teeth, like an animal.  

We then saw dozens of people in prayer to some other wooden objects (idols), and my heart sank. I thought I understood Deuteronomy 4:28 (AMP): "There you will serve gods, the work of men's hands, wood and stone, which neither see nor hear nor eat nor smell," but when I saw it, the air actually got thick, and I had to leave from the oppression of the site.

The things I learned in this book were like that, only worse.

"How long would a devout Muslim stay in Hell before Allah comes to rescue him? The rescuing is to be done on the Day of Judgment. Meanwhile, billions of Muslims have died since Islam started." -Moshay, G.T.O. (2010-10-11). Who Is This Allah?

It seems, according to the prophet, if you do not die in battle, you go to hell until you are rescued.  Aside from the obvious horribleness of this, since salvation is both free and available to all, I now understand why someone would strap a bomb on and jump into a crowd of people.  That is the only way for them to get to heaven.  Sad that it is a false belief, worse that it kills people for personal gain, even worse that it is celebrated by thousands when it happens.  This book tells you how it can be stopped, and it requires the power of God to transform them, just as he has transformed Christians.  God is Awesome.

The author goes into detail about the belief of Islam, where it differs from Christianity, why people think that Allah is the same as the Christian and Jewish God, why that is wrong minded, and even the history of the entire issue.

But what is really cool about this book, other than its awesome research, is the perspective that it is written from.  It seems as though he is writing to Muslims.  He is polite, non-confrontational, patient, and lays a direct case for Christ, that the reader arrives at without direct effort.  

It comes with decades of experience in Islamic countries, and according to the author, these methods actually work for peaceful and spiritual awaking of the Holy Spirit via Jesus for members if Islam, as well as educating us.

Read this book. I gave it 4 STARS instead of Five, because it scared me so much.  Truth yes, but as the story goes, I am not sure I can handle the truth.

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