Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So, How Sweet is It?

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I was out running today, or I should say jogging, just faster than a walk, listening to my MP3 player built into my Blackberry phone.  In the background I was running a GPS tracking program called Runtastic, so I know if I improve, and I can tell my wife where to pick me up when I get lost. (smile here)

Anyway, at about 40 minutes into my run I was listening to a version of Amazing Grace by Bill Anderson, and half way through the song, he had a message. (Click the Play Button below if you want to hear the version I was listening to.

 Amazing Grace by Bill Anderson

Before I explain the BGO, (Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious), that hit me like when Pythagoras exclaimed "Eureka" upon discovering Pythagoras' Theorem on the right triangle.

I run listening to up to 30 versions of Amazing Grace playing in my ears.  This is direct result of a suggestion that one of my friends made to me 20 years or more ago.  He said he ran with his dog, and listened for God.  I tried that.  I never heard God. Some would say I needed to listen longer, but I always turned my listening, at about 5 minutes, into talking to God, rather than listening, since ADHD is not an affliction with me, but rather a life style.  So, rather than spending 60 minutes telling God how bad my day is, or what I want or need, I decided to tell him how awesome he is.

What is the most awesome thing that God has done or me?  Amazing Grace. So, since I need to keep on track or get lost on the way, I decided to sing along with the many versions of Amazing Grace I have on my player.  It takes between 12 and 18 versions for me to run about 60 minutes.  So that is what I do.  I run and give praise and thanks while I do it.

Now that really is Amazing
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Generally speaking, my life is pretty amazing. (See Diving In, if you want to know what I mean by amazing.)  Though, amazing as it is, we have our moments, and this week is all about the moments.

The back end of our vehicle blows up, and we don't have the money to repair it. We need to be somewhere else helping other people, but we are stuck away from home waiting for the repair to finish.  My daughter comes home from Washington state, after visiting my sister and climbing Mt Rainier, and we can not pick her up at the air port. Her car is parked at our house, not hers, and we have the keys. There is more, but that is enough, if you get my drift.

The phrase we threw at each other was,  "we can't catch a break."  That is what was in my mind as I started running.  Not very amazing, but based on yesterday, the broken vehicle, and tomorrow, all that other stuff, I was pretty stressed and regretful.

Blinding Light
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Back to the BGO.  Bill Anderson broke down a way to look at grace that had not occurred to me in his context.  It took my breath away.  He quoted Matthew 6:34 (AMP) "So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble."

He went on to say that God provides us with enough grace to live this day.  "He does not provide enough for yesterday or for tomorrow.  That is why, if we live in the past we live with regrets and if we live in tomorrow, we live with stress."

I had always looked at grace as referring to Salvation alone, a spiritual thing only, not connected with the world.  Yet, the Bible is a whole, not disconnected verses.  Grace itself means unmerited favor. It had never occurred to me that living through today's problems was a benefit of Grace, and even in my daily life, unmerited favor was a promise of God. Wow.

I fall victim to this issue, sin if you will, nearly everyday.  I live for tomorrow tempered by yesterday.  It is a function of the way I was trained to solve problems in physics.  I don't know how to do it any other way.

But the BGO was this. It requires effort to live in the moment.  I know that there is enough grace for right now. I need to remind myself to live in the right now.

Amazing.  Grace.  How sweet it is.

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