Tuesday, July 12, 2011

God is a Genie

So seriously, if you run a business, you have friends, you work in a church or your have family members, this simple rule will help your life move in the right direction.  It is NOT about you, It's about THEM.

The first thing we were told by a speaker named Zig Zigler way back in the '80s was, and I quote, "If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want."  He really could sell ice cubes to the eskimos. This is a basic business statement, and as far as it goes, it is dead on.  If you have something other people want, they will pay you for it.  This will really work.  If what you want is:

1) Money,
2) Money and God,
3) Money and family,
4) Money and Power,
5) Money and friends.

Most Christians strive for number 2, because, after all, the bible promises that God will take care of us if we only worship him. "Give us this day our daily Bread," from the Lords prayer Luke 11:2-4.

Let me digress, for a moment.  When we were young, we learned that there is a powerful rule in science called cause and effect. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  What you do echos in eternity. Our actions cause things to happen.  Yes.

Let us take an example.  You have learned a powerful incantation where if you say a certain spell, while singing a certain song, while wearing or not wearing certain cloths, you could change how someone felt about you.  A powerful love charm.

Wow.  Except it is either a fairy tail or demonic, but in no case is it Godly, right?  Of course it's not Godly, for if it were, that would imply you can invoke God. If you just say the right thing, (a prayer), at the right time (at church, in bed, in the shower, when in need), while you listen to Godly music, (Christian radio), you can change how God behaves and "give you what you want."  Let me be more direct.  You give God what he wants, treating your neighbor as yourself, and he gives you what you want, Money. Right?

Really.  You have a spell that can not only invoke God, but compel his actions? My daughter gave me the best illustration or mental picture of this I have ever heard, when she attended Eastern University a Christian University outside of Philly.  She said they looked at this type of faith as "making God a Genie," as in Aladdin, the movie.  It makes me laugh, now, but tomorrow when I need God to solve one of my never ending daily problems, it scares me, since I act like this.

So if you don't get what you want by doing what God wants, why do what God wants?

Simple.  If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior then you already have what you want.  You have the hope for eternal life.  You get to live forever, and with God.

God does serve you, but you need faith to believe that his actions, plans and results are better than your thoughts, plans and actions.  Good things happen, things you expect, because you are prepared and perhaps you have prayed for them.  Good things happen because God thinks it is time, and you did not expect it, did not know it was coming, never would have asked for it, but there it is.

Before I was a Christian, I saw this movie, Animal House. My favorite part then, because it made fun of how Christians thought, was this part:

It is still my favorite part.  Why?  Because the guy who wrote it has no idea how close he is to the way God works.  Stuff you never would have thought of happens, and you are supposed to thank God when it does.

God Serves you for sure, because he loves you, but he is not your Genie. He is your lord.

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