Friday, July 15, 2011

God Hates all Haters

I was reading in a Christian blog about one of the hot topics in Christianity - "the gay issue."  What really gets me is that after having read 200 comments, and dozens of links, I know nothing new about Christ.

Before I give you my thoughts on what this has to do with God Serving You and Christian business in general, let me review some of the stuff I "learned."

Theological students have their own vocabulary, and when using it, it has the logical equivalent of putting a Q.E.D. on the end of their statement, as if God is Math, something I actually used to beleive.  They say it, it means something to them, so it means something to us, and it proves their point.  Seems all disciplines in man do this.  I am a little worried that the Church strives to the same level as the world. Here are some words that you need to understand any of the Christian Scholars.
   a) Exegesis: Exegesis is to sentences, chapters and books what Etymology is to words - the study and understanding of the subject in the context of the time, place and use when it was used.So When they use this word, they are saying, you must look at the word in its original language, the language that the writer thought in, the style of writing and the context of what you are looking at.
   b) Reductionist Theology: When teaching the bible, instead of having someone read the whole book, chapter, verse, and tear it apart with exegesis, just "reduce" it to the main thought, running the risk that you might miss an important meaning.

An example of Reductionist Theology is what Jesus said when he was asked in Matthew 22:36-40, what the most important commandment in the law was.  He answered "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

I have reduced how I live my lives as a Christian to this verse.  Love your neighbor as myself. 

Anyway, a famous pastor has become a public champion of  Men acting Like Men, and that launched a debate as to the rolls of a female and a males in our society and the bible.  The debate first grew personal ... I hate gays, you don't worship the same God as I, You don't know what your talking about, etc. 

One person quoted Genesis and the creation story, and by Exegesis proved that man was strength, and women was soft, man was first, women came from man, and that was that.  Men Rule.

The next person called him intolerant, and ignorant of the context and time, an Exegesis argument, and proclaimed separate but equal.  (As if we don't know what happens when you do that.)

The whole thing rang less of a discussion of God's Love than it did of human pride, and that reminded me of a 1950's song .. watch this song video .. and see if you find any truth for our age.

This this is my take on it.  I no longer know the science of "gayness."  I am a little upset that the word Gay used to mean one thing, and now means another, but the English language is alive and changing, so that ones I have to let go.  

I really don't care what the science of gayness is.  I live in the US, so I get to pick how I live my life, and I don't pick gayness.  I happen to think the bible is pretty clear on this being a sin, but I am a teacher, not a pastor, and its my job to NOT sin in my life, not to judge others.

More important, again, I live in the US.  It is my job to fight politically and physically if necessary to allow others to pick how they will live.  That is the benefit of the civil liberties we gained in Civil War and the 14h amendment.  It is the strength of America.  Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddist, Paper Bag lover or tree huger.  You get to pick here, and we MUST defend that right.

I draw this strength not just from the law of the land in which I live, but from the ministry of Christ himself.  Jesus gave his life so that I might be able to pick eternal life. With the ability comes the ability to NOT PICK eternal life.  If I was forced to pick, I would not be free.  I am FREE, and so are you.

When Mary sinned by being a prostitute, Jesus did not touch her on the head, and make it impossible for her to sin again.  He did not stone her as the law demanded. Instead, he said, "I forgive you," and "Go and sin no more."  God forgave the sin, no matter how big, and this one carried the death penalty, and gave her the right to "pick," what path her life would take.

What does this have to do with God Serving You?  Pretty cool really.  God did not have to do it this way.  He could compel you to perform a certain way.  He could hate sin and the sinner.  But that is not the path he traveled.  He picked LOVE.  He loves you, so he suffered and gave you the right to pick your own path.  Pretty big service that.

What does that have to do with business?  If you run a business, how far will you reach out for your customers.  They don't always do the right thing, buy from the right person, pay the right price.  You can try to manipulate them for their own good, or for your good.  Or you could follow Christ, and Love them.

Pick Love; Pick Jesus, and Let God order the steps of your life.

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